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Dairymac Superthaw™ Semen Flask with AI Gun Warmer Lid

It is very important that bull semen is thawed consistently at the right temperature.

You should always contact your Semen Provider for their actual recommendations.

Here are some examples:

  • Normal semen  35-36°C (95°F)  for 45 seconds
  • Sexed semen 36-37°C (98°F) for 40 seconds

If the correct settings are not followed then a percentage of sperm may die long before they ever see a cow, this has even greater consequences for sexed semen and older straws.

Our new Dairymac Digital SUPERTHAW™ is designed and manufactured in the UK and based on a comprehensive list of ‘needs’ and ‘ desires’ in our discussions with farmers, Ai Technicians and Vets.

Dairymac Superthaw™ with AI Gun Warmer Lid

  • Adjustable digital temperature 20-45°C
  • (99% accuracy) which can be set at correct temperature for normal and sexed semen
  • Built in countdown timer with buzzer – one button operation
  • Gun warmer chamber – keep thawed straws and guns at a stable temperature
  • Large removable straw basket
  • Watertight lid with pressure relief valve
  • Fully insulated flask to help retain heat
  • Latest low energy use rated electronics
  • Supplied with 120-220vdc & 12vdc power supplies
  • CE, UL and cUL compliant

Part Numbers:

  • 18500G Dairymac Superthaw™ – AI Gun Warmer Lid 220v AC /12v DC with UK 3 Pin Plug and 12 Volt Vehicle Lead
  • 18501G Dairymac Superthaw™ – AI Gun Warmer Lid 220v AC /12v DC with Euro 2 Pin Plug and 12 Volt Vehicle Lead
  • 18502G Dairymac Superthaw™ – AI Gun Warmer Lid 120v AC /12v DC with US 2 Pin Plug and 12 Volt Vehicle Lead
  • 18601F Dairymac Superthaw™ – Spare Flip Lid

Download the Dairymac Superthaw™ brochure

Dairymac Superthaw™ BrochSuperthaw Brochure 2017 2

See the Dairymac Superthaw™ in action

Why buy a Dairymac Superthaw™?

The Dairymac Ssuperthaw is extremely accurate (99%) and maintains a constant temperature to ensure maximun performance and vastly improved semen health.

  • Accuracy of Sexed Semen Handling
  • Proper thawing times observed for all types of semen
  • A tool designed for ease of use in the field and in harsh environments
  • Time saving – unit is always on – no need to get hot water, thermometers etc
  • A new level of temperature accuracy
  • Ensures a higher % of living sperm
  • Better Sperm – Improving herd fertility with fewer returns
  • Saves money – reduces the need for repeat inseminations
  • Can also be used in Embryo Transfer Procedures

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