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Woolover™Lamb Jackets

Superb, felted wool, is water resistant, warm and breathable, the closest thing to a natural thick coat

Sheep farmers

its time to cut your loses

  • Easily fitted in seconds
  • No fasteners – no chafing
  • No plastic smell, lamb is readily accepted by the ewe
  • Pure wool felt – stitched under the brisket for body heat retention
  • Does not flap in high winds
  • Thermally efficient – sheds moisture
  • Accepts all marking systems
  • Can be re-used on different lambs
  • Environmentally friendly – totally re-cyclable

Available as:

  • WO/001 Woolover single
  • WO/002 Woolover 10 pack
  • WO/003 Woolover 100 pack
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