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BI-PILL – The first Bicarbonate Bolus for Calves

Introducing the number one Calf Diarrhoea Bolus in Europe.

The Vuxxx Bi-Pill from Germany.

Based on Sodium Bicarbonate the bolus quickly and gently rehydrates the calf,  allowing the animal to recover naturally by absorbing more liquid in the gut and preventing the loss of valuable fluids and buffers.

What losses does calf diarrhoea cause?
£75 per case in light diarrhoea, £200 per case in severe diarrhoea, because of treatment costs, more labour, more rearing days and higher risk of death.

Lower the costs – give Bi-PILL!

Part Numbers:

VUX/107 Bi-Pill Bolus pack of 20

VUX/108 Bi-Pill Bolus pack of 10 x 20 =200

VUX/119 Bi-Pill Bolus Applicator Gun

Bi-Pill Bolus Flyer by Dairymac

Bi-PILL Flyer Dairymac NP

VIDEO – How to administer Bi-Pill Bolus by Hand

Clip Bi-PILL hand_EN

VIDEO- How to administer Bi-Pill Bolus by Applicator


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Further Information

Why do diarrhoeic calves drink less?
Because the suffer from acidosis

What is acidosis?
Diarrhoeic calves lose fluid and buffers which cause dehydration
and the calf to overacidify

How dangerous is acidosis?
Acidosis rapidly increases within a few hours. The calves drink less and less.
They keep losing fluids and buffers, become weaker and weaker and finally die.

What can be done?
Give a Bi-PILL immediately when diarrhoea is diagnosed.
One pill immediately and one pill each after the next three meals.
Always have Bi-PILL available.

How about suckler cow management system?
Give 4 pills at a time. They are gentle and will not harm the animal.

What does the Bi-PILL do?
It buffers acidosis in blood and rumen. The calf starts drinking again.

What is the Bi-PILL made of?
Sodium bicarbonate – a very effective buffer.

What is the Bi-PILL legally?
Feed material. GMP+ FSA assured.
Suitable for organic farms.


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