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Thrifty 150™ Dip Cup

NEW Version of the award winning ECO-Dipper which treats over 150 cows with one fill.

The Thrifty 150 is the best Dip Cup on the market for applying the correct amount of teat dip without the waste.

Unique patented action a series of channels feeds the soft bristles with one gentle squeeze with no waste.

The inner bowl contains very little chemical and the saturated brushes are used to paint the dip on the teats.

Transparent upper chamber confirms savings

The most advanced Non Return Dip Cup in the world!

Can be used with any chemical.

30 day money back guarantee.


Part Numbers

TRD/001  (42650) Thrifty 150 Professional Dip Cup with red brush and 500ml bottle (for post dip or thicker viscous teat dip)

TRD/009  (42670)  Thrifty 150 Professional Dip Cup with Blue brush and 500ml bottle (for pre dip or thin fluid teat dip)

TRD/002 (46862R) Spare red brush

TRD/025 (46862W) Spare white brush

TRD/003 (46862b) Spare blue brush

TRD/004 (45682) Spare top cup, inner bowl and tube

TRD/005R (42681R) Spare top ring red

TRD/005B (42681B) Spare top ring blue

TRD/006 (42680) Spare Thrifty150 / ECO-Dipper Bottle 500ml


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