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Thrifty 150™ Pro Foamer Complete System

The Thrifty 150™ Pro Foamer puts 10 years of continual development into the most advanced and successful pre and post dipping device yet.

Engineered for professional everyday use, without breaking down, the robust design of the applicator and high foam action gives a huge volume of active foam which is easily applied to the teat with the hand held applicator.

We recommend a drag line which cuts down on the need for multiple applicators and when you are doing a line of cows means no need to change applicators!

Part Numbers

TPF/001 Thrifty 150™ Pro Foamer Complete System

Installation is very simple

1. Attach control box close to where cows are milked – ideally in the centre of pit if using a drag line.
2. Connect the suction hose to the control box and drop into dip – use a longer hose if required.
3. Run a length of twin hose from control box to last cow.

Unit comes fully assembled but requires a compressor or air supply.

What’s in the box?

Control box with regulator, T150 foamer gun, T150 bracket, spare handle, suction hose kit, 10m twin line.

Spare guns, brushes, twin line and suction hoses available

1 Year Warranty

What farmers say!

We started using the Thrifty Dipper T150 Pro Foamer about 4 months ago. It cut our dip amount by about a third. We get the coverage where we want it to cover. Before, the whole herd had a yellow underside as the workers would spray the product on the underside. Now, we are able to control the dip and apply to just the udder. It’s so easy to use!

David Lemstra
Corcoran, CA, Lemstra Cattle Company

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