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Septicare II Hoof Care

Septicare II Bond is a two component fast drying adhesive for hoof care. By bonding a block to the healthy claw, the diseased claw is protected from the constant weight of the cow and has the opportunity to heal quickly.

Septicare II offers the fastest bond in cold weather and many other advances in two component hoof care and hoof treatment

Significant time saving and economy: the glue is applied in 3 seconds and bonds in 30 seconds thanks to a very quick thermic reaction between the 2 components. The cow is ready to move after only 3 minutes.

  • A glue with an unequalled efficiency: the glue dries even in extreme conditions, it can be applied and stored from 0°C to 40°C, works in wet environments and can be applied at any temperature
  • Very easy to use: no need to be preheated, the cannula makes a 2 component optimal mixture for a maximum bond and the glue may be applied vertically.
  • Comfort for the herdsman and the cow: The herdsman saves 15 seconds by cow, the cow endures less stress and the treatment has minimal effect on milk production.

New XL Glue 250mls – Extra Value and easily applied with any cartridge gun

The advantages of the XL size:

– Easy open of the cartridge: just unscrew the cap and remove the tip using pliers

– Allows more applications

– A large cannula for an easier application and without complications

– A bond cartridge that fits on all standard application guns


Sold in pack of 12 – 12 x 250 ml bond cartridges

Accessories: – XL Application Gun, Wood Blocks, Mixing Cannulas, Gloves

Choose a complete kit or the number of blocks, glue size and applicator gun required:


Complete Starter Kit

SEP/001 Septicare II Kit with Application Gun, 160ml Glue, 10 Cannulas, 10 Hoof Blocks and 2 x pairs of Nitrile Gloves


Septicare II Hoof Blocks

SEP/002 Wooden Blocks 2/pack

SEP/003 Wooden Blocks 20/pack


Septicare II Standard 160ml Glue

SEP/004 Septicare II Glue 160ml (enough for 10 blocks) (12 per carton)

SEP/005 Septicare II Cannula 10/pack

SEP/006 Septicare II Glue Applicator Gun 160ml


Septicare II XL 250ml Glue

SEP/007 Septicare II XL 250ml (Enough for 15 blocks) (12 per carton)

SEP/008 Septicare II XL Cannula 10/pack

SEP/009 Septicare II XL Glue Applicator Gun 250ml


Septicare Gloves

SEP/010 Gloves 100/pack


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