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ReproScan™ is a veterinarian owned company that provides portable veterinary ultrasound equipment to customers in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. ReproScan™ primarily focuses on scanning solutions for bovine practitioners and larger cattle operations. ReproScan™ products are portable, durable, functional, and affordable. ReproScan™ has successfully introduced 6 portable ultrasound units to the marketplace. We look forward to working with your veterinary practice or livestock production system in the years ahead as you incorporate ReproScan™ technology into your operation.

The everyday ultrasound. The FLEXX is a portable ultrasound unit designed with the mixed animal practice in mind. The FLEXX offers complete versatility through more features; adding value to your practice, while remaining simple to operate.




  • Multiple probe options
    o 4.0 MHz Convex Rectal Probe
    o 6.5 MHz Linear Rectal Probe
    o 3.5 MHz T handle C60 Probe
    o 6.5 MHz T handle C20 Probe
    o 7.5 MHz T handle L40 Probe

  • Compatible with
    o Wireless 2.0 Monitor
    o Vista Goggles
    o NFI

  • Pre-set Exam Settings per probe
  • Freeze and Image Storage Option
  • Cine Loop
  • Image Export to FLEXX Android App
  • Battery indicator on display screen
  • 6 hour battery life
  • Splash Proof
  • 2 year warranty
  • Built in monitor
  • Specifications
    • 21 cm Depth of Scan with Rapid Zoom +/- Keys
    • o  Multiple Grid Options for Measuring
    • o 2.4 GHz 7 Channel Wireless Sender
    • o -10C to 40C (5F to 104F) Temperature Range

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  • Accessories
    o Regular 32” 85cm
    o Shorty 23” 60cm
    o Kiwi 29” 70cm
    o Linear 32” 85cm








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