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Pow’rDoser™ Pneumatic Drench System

The superior delivery system for the 21st century – developed in Australia

No1 product in Australia, New Zealand and the USA for many years

Designed for the professional user and aimed at continuous use in high capacity herds and flocks

  • Air or gas powered
  • Rapid fire, accurate and effortless use
  • Multiple applications including oral drenching, backliner pour-on, spray-on and injection
  • Interchangable stainless steel tips for all types of applications
  • Rugged construction with six barrel sizes available
  • Multiple sizes related to applications
  • Superior ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue
  • Nozzles sold separately

Full repair and service centre in the UK

2 year warranty

Part Numbers

40604 | Pow’r Doser™, 1 ml
40605 | Pow’r Doser™, 2 ml
40610 | Pow’r Doser™, 10 ml
40615 | Pow’r Doser™, 30 ml
40620 | Pow’r Doser™, 60 ml
70140 | Pow’r Doser™, 150 ml

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