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One Puff™Puppy resuscitator

The two part Aspiration/Resuscitation instrument for newborn companion animals

One Puff from McCulloch Medical is a two-part Aspiration/Resuscitation instrument to clear breathing pathways and stimulate the first breaths of newborn puppies, kittens and other small companion animals. It is not uncommon for puppies and kittens to be born with clogged breathing passages, especially after C-section births, which can be life threatening if not treated immediately. One Puff is a non-invasive instrument that can be used safely by veterinarians or pet owners without fear of causing irreparable harm to the newborn.

Product Summary

  • Carrying case
  • Aspiration instrument and mask, labelled “A”
  • Resuscitation instrument and mask, labelled “B”
  • Two-year McCulloch Medical product warranty
  • Instructions

McCulloch Medical Aspiration/Resuscitation products and masks have saved the lives of countless newborn animals. This high quality, durable product is designed to be used by professionals and pet owners while ensuring the safety of the newborn.

One Puff™ is a trademark of MAI Animal Health

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