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Nitrogen Flasks

After ‘collection’ Semen is place into straws and subsequently frozen. The straws are then stored in liquid nitrogen at -196°C in containers with specially made canisters to hold the straws securely.

Our top quality nitrogen flasks are available from a European manufacturer to assist the safe transport and storage of all semen straws.

Worthington/ Taylor Wharton Extended Time Series

XT Series



The Extended Time Series (XT) Series of cryogenic refrigerators are designed for long-term storage of a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures.

This series also offers low profile models (XTL), with 5” (127 mm) canisters or double layer 10″ (279mm) canisters


  • New Rugged Construction – ribbed high strength aluminum body, magniformed necktube design, and more durable paint
  • Versatile storage system – convenient canister numbered index location ring and tapered internal canister locator
  • Superior vacuum performance with super insulation provides maximum holding times
  • Security – Accessory low-level alarm is available with remote connection capability
  • Lockable lids (except for XT10)



 TW-331-b-XT-WOR-High-Res DM

Choice of container is determined by two factors:

  • Storage capacity of semen in straws
    A larger neck diameter on the container is necessary for increased storage capacity. The containers are commonly used in European livestock breeding (medium/small) have a neck diameter that does not exceed 55mm. The new XT21 had a neck diameter of 55.4mm allowing for easier access.
  • Holding time of liquid nitrogen inside the container
    Holding time is chosen in relation to the minor or major difficulties of tracing liquid nitrogen. In the liquid nitrogen supply network in the UK is very good so for this reason 21 litre containers are most commonly used smaller flasks need to be refilled more often.

You can also choose from:

  • Single Layer – 5 canisters allows easy selection of straws e.g. 21XT5 Nitrogen Flask, 20 Litre with 6 x 38 x 127mm Canisters
  • Double layer – 10 canisters – storage only e.g. 21XT10 Nitrogen Flask, 20 Litre with 6 x 38 x 279mm Canisters

Part Numbers:

Static Holding Days 220

  • 21XT5    21 Litre Unit (Single Layer)  – Top selling farm Unit       (21XT5 Nitrogen Flask, 20 Litre with 6 x 38 x 127mm Canisters) (Holds 720 straws in canes)
  • 21XT10  21 Litre Unit (Double Layer)                                                (21XT10 Nitrogen Flask, 20 Litre with 6 x 38 x 279mm Canisters) (Holds 2244 straws bulk)

Static Holding Days 340

  • 34XT5    34 Litre Unit (Single Layer)  – Contractor Unit               (34XT5 Nitrogen Flask, 34 Litre with 6 x 38 x 127mm Canisters) (Holds 750 straws bulk)
  • 34XT10  34 Litre Unit (Double Layer)                                               (34XT10 Nitrogen Flask, 34 Litre with 6 x 38 x 279mm Canisters)(Holds 1500 straws bulk)
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