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McCulloch Medical Animal Masks

McCulloch Medical make a superb range of high quality masks for use in animal hospitals, operating theatres and laboratories. Manufactured in New Zealand from high quality polycarbonate and inert thermoplastic material they are designed to last.

Anaesthesia Masks

Complete with 22mm adapter to connect to anaesthesia equipment

  • 220100 Anaesthesia Mask 25mm Small
  • 220102 Anaesthesia Mask 50mm Large
  • 220104 Anaesthesia Mask 25mm Feline
  • 220106 Anaesthesia Mask 12.5mm Puppy
  • 220108 Anaesthesia Mask 12.5mm Avian
  • 220114 Anaesthesia Mask Complete Set – 5 pieces

Aerosol Masks

Complete with vented opening to insert aerosol nozzle.

  • 220200 Aerosol Mask 25mm Small
  • 220202 Aerosol Mask 50mm Large
  • 220204 Aerosol Mask 25mm Feline
  • 220206 Aerosol Mask 12.5mm Puppy
  • 220210 Aerosol Complete set – 4 pieces

Oxygen Recovery Masks

Fully Vented Oxygen Recovery Masks complete with 2 meter air tube to connect to Oxygen Supplies and Machinery.

  • 220300 Oxygen Recovery Mask 25mm Small
  • 220302 Oxygen Recovery Mask 50mm Large
  • 220304 Oxygen Recovery Mask 25mm Feline
  • 220308 Oxygen Recovery Mask 12.5mm Puppy
  • 220312 Oxygen Recovery Mask 12.5mm Avian
  • 220314 Oxygen Recovery Complete Set – 5 pieces
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