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Likshield™ – Wound Management

LikShield™ was developed as a wound management product to prevent post-surgery sutures and bandages from being tampered with by the animal. LikShield may be applied over a bandaged area or around the wound/surgical site. LikShield provides a safe mild electric stimulus to the pet’s tongue when licked to deter the pet from licking. The tingling sensation and unpleasant taste will prevent pets from licking, allowing their wound to heal.

Available in a resizable 9” x 6” patch, LikShield can be fitted to dogs, cats and other companion animals. LikShield may also be applied to keep IVs and catheters in place.

In veterinary trials, LikShield technology has proven to be over 90% effective regardless of the size, age or breed of pet. LikShield is an easy, safe and low-maintenance product to prevent the natural licking instinct allowing surgical wounds to heal.

Part Number | 57625 (18 Units)

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