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Dairymac AI Gun Superwarmer™

The Dairymac A.i. Gun Superwarmer™ was developed to improve semen handling and conception rates in Cows. As farming becomes more sophisticated and farmers rely on top quality semen from the world’s best bulls, the importance of correct semen storage, handling, thawing and the actual insemination process to the cow is paramount.

The Dairymac A.i. Gun Superwarmer™ offers a temperature-controlled environment for A.i. Guns which have been loaded with straws of freshly thawed Bull Semen.

Semen Handling Procedure

The Bull Semen will have been stored in plastic straws and removed from liquid Nitrogen at -196°C (-320°F) and then usually thawed with a Dairymac Superthaw™ to 36° (96°F) or 37°C (98°F). The straw is then inserted into a stainless-steel A.i Gun, the tip snipped off and a protective sheath put over the top. Good practice is to also cover the A.i. Gun with a plastic chemise to stop Faecal contamination.

After this the traditional method of keeping the ‘loaded Ai Gun with thawed semen inside is to stick it down your back, with the vague home that your own body temperature will keep the semen warm and alive.

This is clearly not best practice.

The Dairymac A.i. Gun Superwarmer™ is a temperature-controlled environment which can keep the semen alive for several hours, although it is considered best to try and get the semen into the cow with 10-20 minutes.

Every farmer or technician knows the panic of carrying several loaded A.i. Guns around trying to manoeuvre cattle in a chute and losing valuable minutes.

The Dairymac A.i. Gun Superwarmer™ takes this panic away.

Quite simply it does a better job at keeping Bull Semen warm, this is particularly important in the colder winter months where the A.i. Technicians own body temperature can wildly fluctuate.

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Further Information

Dairymac A.i. Gun Superwarmer™ key features:

  • 28500 Dairymac Ai Gun Superwarmer™ with 12VDC Rechargeable NiMH Battery
  • Constantly hot and always ready – when plugged into the power the Superwarmer maintains temperature and ready to go
  • Holds 5-20 A.i. Guns
  • Battery Life 5 hours
  • Bright 3-digit programmable LED Display
  • Adjustable Temperature 20C° to 40C°
  • Adjustable Timer 0- 10 minutes
  • Heating Time  from cold around 10 minutes depending on Ambient Temperature.
  • Temperature Accuracy +/- 1C° from the Set Temperature of 36C° or 37°C for Sexed Semen
  • Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.5C° from the Set Temperature of 25C° for Embryo Transfer
  • Continual charging when connected to mains whether Heater ON/OFF
  • Charge’s battery and heats up when plugged in – so that it is always ready to go!
  • Built in Battery Charger – Red LED for Charging and Green LED for Charging Complete
  • Fast Charging
  • Battery Temperature Monitoring for Accuracy and Device Safety
  • Two Heaters for fast and stable heat
  • Two Temperature Sensors for accuracy
  • Can be manually switched OFF and ON
  • Tough Canvas Construction, YKK Heavy Duty Zips and Brass Button Closures
  • Multi Position D Rings, Adjustable Padded Strap and Carry Handles,
  • Waterproof Washable liners
  • Supplied with 220VAC SMPS Multi Charger and EU Plug and 12VDC Car Charger Lead
  • Option of twin batteries for extended use
  • Full Servicing and Spare Batteries available
  • Designed and Manufactured in UK by Dairymac Limited
  • 1 year warranty


Part Numbers

  • 28500 Dairymac Ai Gun Superwarmer™ with 12v NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack, 230VAC Mains Charger and 3 Pin Plug, 12VDC Car Charger, Washable Sleeve and Carry Belt
  • 28506 Spare Washable Sleeve
  • 28507 Dairymac Ai Gun Superwarmer™ Spare Battery Pack –  12v NIMH Rechargeable Battery Pack (10 cell with Connector)
  • 28508 Dairymac Ai Gun Superwarmer™ SMPS 90-260VAC with 3 Pin Plug
  • 28509 Dairymac Ai Gun Superwarmer™ 12 VDC Car Charger

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