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CPS Cattle Pump System™

New all stainless steel and brass Stomach Pump System

For fast efficient drenching of Cows with large volumes of liquids

Great for Post Calving Drenches, Propylene Glycol tonics etc

Utilizes natural extended neck position of bovine for ease of swallowing.

  • Internal valve and pump designed for easy replacement
  • Damming action to diminish chance of regurgitation
  • Probe features tear drop end to ease feeding
  • Probe passes easily into stomach only
  • 6 foot oil resistant hose
  • Two probe sizes available

3’ Probe – for cattle 300 lbs. and up
5’ Probe – for larger cattle, typically in dairy industry where cattle are taller

Part Numbers

500CPS – Cattle Pump System complete with SS Pump, 1.5m SS Hose and Heavy Duty Carry Bag

300CPS -Cattle Pump System complete with SS Pump, 1m SS Hose and Heavy Duty Carry Bag

500CPSPR CPS -1.5m Probe only

300CPSPR CPS 300 – 1m Probe only

100CPS – Stainless Steel and Rubber Pump Only

200CPS – Connecting Rubber Hose 2m

250CPS – Red Carry Bag, Waterproof with CPS logo.

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