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Cito™ Thaw Semen Flask

Cito™ Thaw is the industry leading semen thaw unit and has been around for many years.

Traditional quality and performance

This unit properly thaws semen to a constant temperature of 95°- 98°F (approx 35.5°C)
Made of tough ABS non-corrosive plastic, the unit will take a lot of abuse, but at the same time protect all of its working elements. Indicator light shows when the unit is ready to use, and when it is working and maintaining the proper temperature. The hinged lid is of reinforced nylon, and the replaceable cover seal is of thermoplastic rubber.

Designed to last for many years

2 year warranty

Part Numbers

18484 – Cito Thaw Unit 12 Volt DC (Battery / Car Plug In)
18485 – Cito Thaw Unit 240 Volt AC (UK Plug)
18486 – Cito Thaw Unit 240 Volt AC (Euro Plug)



1. Fill Cito Thaw with clean tap water. Plug cord into correct voltage source as indicated on base of unit. Wait for thaw device to heat up to proper temperature. Your water temperature when you started determines the exact warm up time approximately 2OF/1.1OC per minute.

50O water temp. to 96OF/35.6OC = approx. 23 min.
60O water temp. to 96OF/35.6OC = approx. 18 min.
70O water temp. to 96OF/35.6OC = approx. 13 min.
80O water temp. to 96OF/35.6OC = approx. 8 min.

2. Green ready light must be on, indicating unit is up to temperature.

3. Agitate the water by taking the basket and moving it up and down several times to assure water temperature is consistent through the water bath.


Place THAW MONITOR in water for a minimum of 10 seconds. See instructions on back of THAW MONITOR to determine temperature of water bath.

4. With the correct water temperature you are now ready to thaw semen in your Cito Thaw.

5. NOTE: New Cito Thaw units have an internal temperature adjustment knob. Your Cito Thaw has been factory calibrated to 96OF/35.6OC. However, if you desire to change the preset temperature, you may readjust it by removing the 7 screws on the bottom of the unit and adjusting the knob clockwise for warmer and counter-clockwise for cooler temperatures. Turn temperature adjustment knob a little at a time and allow unit to stabilize before checking temperature again.

6. If unit does not maintain proper temperature, return unit for repair or replacement. Ship to factory with your comments and your address.

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