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Bovimax™Medium Duty Magnetic Bolus

Hardwire disease is a serious problem on  many farms caused by stray fragments of wire from fences, tyres, litter, nails ands screws

When ingested by animal they can perforate the gut or end up in the bloodstream and eventually make it’s way to the heart and other vital organs

Many unexpected animal fatalities can be traced to this issue

Bovine Magnets offer a simple and very cheap insurance against hard wire disease

BoviMax™ Stomach Magnets for large animals

  • Cage system super strong ABS protective cage
  • Ferrous material clings inside cage
  • Matching 35mm Bolus Gun available

Part Number

MG/001 Bovimax™Medium Duty Magnetic Bolus (cartons of 10 or 100 units)

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