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AI Guns (Standard) and Consumables

We offer high quality standard AI Guns for professional insemination All guns feature:

  • Stainless steel and plastic construction
  • Comfortable to use
  • Accurate Insemination
  • Supplied in protective clear crystal case
  • Made in the USA

A full range of complimentary sheathes, tweezers, straw cutters and spares.

Professional AI Supplies

  • Designed for ease of use
  • Tested to the highest standard
  • Built to last
  • Manufactured in the UK, EU and USA

Available as:

04150 CITO AI Gun, 1/4cc 18″ (0.25ml, 45cm) Stainless Steel, Red ID Ring, Red Retainer Ring (Polo), in Crystal Tube – For Green Split Sheathes

04146 CITO AI Gun, 1/2cc 18″ (0.5ml, 45cm) Stainless Steel, Black ID Ring, Black Retainer Ring, in Crystal Tube – For Green Split Sheathes

04151 ESTROTECT Universal Artificial Insemination Gun, Stainless Steel, Combination 1/4cc and 1/2cc 18″ (45cm). For Blue Un-split Sheathes

07497 Pack of 50 Un-split Blue Sheaths

07493 Pack of 50 Split Green Sheaths

04810 Standard Chemises 18″or 21” x 100/80 per roll – Protects Gun, Sheath and straw from faecal contamination

04152 Retainer Rings/ Polo Yellow for 04150 and 04146

04153 ID Rings for AI Gun, yellow, red, black

18497 Straw Tweezers 1/2cc White Plastic

18498 Straw Tweezers 1/4 cc Red Plastic

04160 Universal Straw Cutter

260685 Krutex Soft Disposable AI Gloves (100)

17320 Dr Larsons Obstetric Gel 568ml

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