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4 Litre Handy Calf Feeder

4Lt Handy Calf Feeder with Red Feeder Teat and tough Polypropylene Probe

  • Tough one piece blow moulded polyethylene bottle
  • Big strong full length handle
  • Halkey Roberts medical clamp to adjust flow
  • Vented valve cap
  • Easy to sterilise
  • Built to last for years
  • Can take a variety of probes including stainless steel etc
  • Made in the UK

Wide selection of Spares and Accessories always available

Part Numbers:

39402 Handi Calf Feeder with Red Rubber Teat

39410 Probe Assembly with Clamp and Vented Cap

39541 Handi Calf Feeder and Probe Assembly with Clamp and Teat

0228215 Red Rubber Teat

0222177 White or Black Ring

39505 Black Vented Cap

39506 Black Seal Cap – For storage of Colostrum etc.

39503 Vented Port Valve

39505 Stainless Steel Probe 1..25cm (1/2″) DI

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