Estrotect™ Heat Detectors

Multi award winning heat detection patches – easy to use and extremely good value

ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors provide Mounting Evidence; One of the best ways to detect heat is to see evidence of a cow being mounted.

More rubs = More Mountings = Maximum Opportunity for Pregnancy

  • Simple and convenient “rub-off” technology
  • Economical
  • Highly effective
  • High quality manufacturing
  • No shelf life
  • Application aids of brushes, wipes  and additional glue available
  • Professional management tool for all AI programmes and Embryo Transfer recipients

Available in 5 fluorescent colours.

Part Numbers

ET / 001 ESTROTECT™ |  Orange / Red
ET / 002 ESTROTECT™ |  Green
ET / 003 ESTROTECT™ |  Pink / Fuchsia
ET / 004 ESTROTECT™ |  Blue
ET / 005 ESTROTECT™ |  Yellow
ET / 006 ESTROTECT™ |  Rubber anti-static cleaning brush
ET / 007 ESTROTECT™ |  Tacky cleaning clothes
ET / 008 ESTROTECT™ |  Extra glue with brush


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Estrotect Application Procedure

New Estrotect Heat Detector Video – Application and Heat Detection Tips

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  • Self-adhesive Heat Detectors are placed between the hip and tail head
  • The silver scratch-off surface is removed via friction each time a cow is mounted
  • This gradual removal indicates the advancing stages of heat
  • The more colour that is showing the closer the cow is to standing heat and less chance of an incorrect false positive (cows not in heat)
  • ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors are available in four fluorescent colours, this means you can use different colours on different types of cows.
  • Simple and convenient ‘scratch-off’ patches
  • Easy to use and convenient to apply
  • Economical for all weather heat detection
  • A powerful management tool for A.I. programs with a choice of highly visible colours
  • High quality waterproof vinyl patches
  • Highly visible Day-Glo material
  • Will adhere to cow for up to 6 weeks
  • Convenient to store and carry in pocket
  • Non toxic to animals
  • No sell by date

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