DM Digital Semen Thaw™ Unit

The DM Digital Semen Thaw™ was developed in the US for thawing semen at a variety of temperatures.

Typically bull semen is thawed at 34° – 36°C, however there is a movement towards thawing sexed semen at around 37°C.

The DM Digital Thaw unit is ideal for this with easy adjustment of temperature and a digital display to accurately set the water temperature.

Constructed of stainless steel and high quality components, the unit has no glass flask to break and comes complete with a screw on lid with a silicon seal.

This also allows the unit to be unplugged and carried around the barn with the straws safely sealed inside

Operation is simple and involved filling the unit with hot or cold water and switching on.

The water temperature will equalize at a pre-set 36°C

The unit comes with a UK Plug 230v AC (Euro Plug also available).

Guaranteed for 2 years.

Part Numbers

18490 – Digital Stainless Steel Thaw Flask 220-240v AC with UK Plug
18491 – Digital Stainless Steel Thaw Flask 220-240v AC with Euro Plug
18492 – Digital Stainless Steel Thaw Flask 12v DC with Car Adapter Plug

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