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Blitz Stunner
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Blitz™ Captive Bolt Stun Gun

Captive Bolt Stunner

  • The most powerful stun gun on the market
  • No firearms license required
  • Utilises superior high power 9mm centre-fire blank cartridges
  • High velocity is the key to an effective stunner!
  • Tough and dependable nickle plated finish
  • Made to a very high standard in Germany!
  • Supplied in a strong and convenient carrying case
  • Everything you need to deal with fallen stock, safely and humanely
  • Spares available

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Blitz Captive Bolt Stunner

Available as:

35-300 Blitz captive bolt stunner

35-310 Blitz KIT with its carrying case

35-301 50 ammo 9x17mm - Strong

35-302 50 ammo 9x17mm - Low

35-304 50 ammo 9x17mm - Power

35-305 50 ammo 9x17mm - Nitro

35-314 Cleaning set

35-306 Special cleaning oil 3-in-1

Please note that the term 'Stunner' is used for captive bolt tools rather than 'killer'. This is because the humane killing of livestock is a two stage process. Firstly the animal must be effectively stunned by the propulsion of the bolt into the brain, rendering it immediately unconscious and insensible to pain. The stun must be immediately followed by the severing of the major blood vessels in the neck or thorax, or by the use of a pithing rod